The customized courses are designed for those learners who aim to develop specific skills or knowledge of specific vocations. Currently, course of spoken Chinese, Intermediate Chinese Language Proficiency for Tour Guides, Chinese language training for 5-star hotel staff, immigration and emigration officers, customs officer and tourism police have been or are being offered.

  1. Intermediate Chinese Language Proficiency for Tour Guides

This training course sets up for individuals who wish to become Chinese-speaking tour guides.It provides the trainees with Chinese language skill drills that are particularly necessary for a Chinese speaking tour guide. This is the second stage which mainly aiming at further improving the Chinese communicative ability of being a tour guide.

  1. Intermediate Spoken Chinese

This course is designed for Chinese language learners who have mastered 500-800 words with basic listening and speaking skills,and have mastered basic Chinese grammar and are able to carry out daily conversations. This course will comprehensively improve student’ oral Chinese competence,especially the competence of making dialogues on a daily basis through a training of application of the texts,new words,language points and basic sentences and paragraphs in oral form.

Other Courses:

  • Chinese Language Training for 5-star Hotel Staff
  • Chinese Language Training for immigration and emigration officers
  • Chinese Language Training for customs officer
  • Chinese Language Training for tourism police