Completion of HSK & HSKK Online Examination by Confucius Institute – 2021

Completion of HSK & HSKK Online Examination by Confucius Institute – 2021

The Confucius Institute, University of Colombo (CIUC) successfully conducted the internet-based Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK/HSKK, home edition) for year 2021 on 30th October 2021.  This online examination covered the levels of HSK 3-5, HSKK intermediate and advance levels, with the participation of 153 students at CIUC test center.

In 2020, the CIUC cancelled HSK/HSKK all on-site tests due to the pandemic.  In order not to affect the students’ application for International Chinese Language Teachers (Confucius Institute) scholarships 2020, CIUC conducted the first Internet-based HSK/HSKK test in the last year May with the support and guidance Chinese Testing International (CTI).   The  CIUC has conducted four online home editions for 329 students for the year 2021.

The team of CIUC made full preparation before all the tests with the strong guidance of Senior Professor Lasantha Manawadu, Dean, Faculty of Arts, University of Colombo, Professor Wimal Hewamanage, Sri Lankan Director of the Confucius Institute.  They studied the operation instructions and invigilation management manual of Internet-based tests, checked the network, tried out the equipment, helped the students to download and to install the HSK/HSKK client, provided training for students and conducted mock tests for students.  A WhatsApp group was established to communicate with students.  Each time, the CIUC has done all the work in detail to ensure the smooth progress of the test.

All the lecturers of CIUC cooperated together and successfully completed the Internet-based HSK/HSKK test for year 2021. The students expressed that the Internet-based tests provided much convenience for them and they extended thanks to the lecturers for their patient guidance and the help.  The CIUC timely conducted the Internet-based HSK/HSKK tests to serve Chinese learners in Sri Lanka based on the actual needs of the students.



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