The Official Visit of the Two Directors of the CIUC to Buddhist and Pali University of Sri Lanka (BPU)

The Official Visit of the Two Directors of the CIUC to Buddhist and Pali University of Sri Lanka (BPU)

On May 3, 2023, The Chinese and the Sri Lankan directors of the Confucius Institute at University of Colombo (CIUC) visited the Buddhist and Pali University of Sri Lanka on 3rd May, 2023.  The Vice Chancellor of the university Rev. Prof. Neluwe Sumanawansa thero warmly welcomed the two Directors of the CIUC.

The Vice Chancellor of the BPU Rev. Prof. Neluwe Sumanawansa, mentioned the long history of the close connection between the two countries which is more than thousands of years and was a result of Buddhism. He said that spread of Buddhism to Southeast Asia made a great influence on Chinese society at large particularly in religious education and opening up avenues in China – Sri Lanka cultural exchanges. Briefly mentioning about the evolution of the Buddhist and Pali University and its present situation Reverent Vice Chancellor acknowledged the scholarship programmes introduced for student monks in the university in recent years by the Chinese government.


Dr. Swarnananda Gamage, Dean, Faculty of Language Studies commented on the existing Chinese language courses offers by the BPU and difficulties they face in language teaching. Prof. Ma Zhongwu clearly stated that the CIUC will continuously support for teaching Chinese language at the BPU because it is one of the six teaching spots of the CIUC. Speaking on teaching Chinese at BPU Prof. Ma Zhongwu guaranteed to send excellent teachers to BPU in order to assure continuous Chinese language teaching at the BPU. Under the new ‘working concept’ of the CIUC, Prof. Ma explained about the new projects where the main purpose is to systemize the Chinese teaching and learning activities. In fact, he said that students who learning Chinese language at BPU will also get chances to visit Chinese-funded enterprises and engage in internships, training programmes and other activities guided by the CIUC. Further, he mentioned that CIUC will help the BPU to strengthen its connection with Chinese religious and educational circles, and help to carry out teacher-student exchanges with Chinese Buddhist colleges, universities and other institutions.

Dr. E.G.I.P. Wickramasinghe, the Head of the Department of Language Skills Development and Ms. Nimali Priyangika, Senior Lecturer in Chinese language majors of the Department of Language Skills Development were also attended in the meeting.

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